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We believe everyone should have access to a life of prosperity and independence.

But this is only possible when people come together, tap into their communities, and support each other.

We serve those who serve others. We envision a world where anyone with skills, motivation, and a passion for helping others can turn that into a successful career.

We reject the notion that the future of the work is cold, faceless, and commoditized. We’re working to reshape the labor market to create a more inclusive future — one that promotes our unique talents, strengthens our relationships, celebrates our humanity, and makes us all better off as a result.

The Soloist Collective is new and growing. If you'd like to be part of writing the next chapter of our history, get involved today.

Who are soloists?

Soloists are the next generation of skilled independent professionals working on our own terms, serving clients by doing what we love.

Our careers are all a little different - we're caterers and makeup artists, dog walkers, career coaches, doulas, and therapists. What links us is a common passion to follow our dreams and chart our own career paths.

Read the Soloist's Manifesto

Independent, not alone

The Soloist Collective is born out of the conviction that independent professionals deserve a community to call our own. This community aims to empower independent professionals who want to master their craft, grow their business and lead life on their own terms.

We believe you should be able to build a successful independent business by doing what you love. Find inspiration in the best practices, stories, and insights from other amazing Soloists like you. Because working Solo doesn't have to mean working alone.


The Soloist Collective is powered by Prefer. Prefer’s core mission is to build technology that gives Soloists the tools they need to make their independent businesses thrive. Running a business based on a passion is sometimes more busy work and less passion. Prefer wants to change that with an amazing platform.

The team at Prefer spent hundreds of hours talking with Soloists. Each story was truly inspiring. Prefer's most important takeaway was that Soloists need each other to thrive, and that’s why Prefer is backing the Soloist Collective. Prefer will build the tools, while Soloists build the community. Together we will lift up and inspire a whole generation of skilled professionals following their dreams.


In speaking about the vision, it’s clear to me that we agree on some fundamentals: We can build this together, we can succeed as soloists with support, and we can help many others achieve their goals in the process.

- Stephen Scott, Chicago Chapter President