Soloists are the next generation
of skilled independent professionals working on our own terms, serving clients by doing what we love.
The Soloist Collective is a community
committed to helping each other pursue successful solo careers.
Together, we're a movement
With grassroots chapters in neighborhoods across the country, Soloists are building a movement from the ground up.

It's free!


A community to call our own

Make meaningful connections

Meet the people who will help your business grow. Whether you're looking to expand your client base, your professional network, or both, your chapter members will become your best supporters and connectors.

Get and give valuable advice

The Soloist Collective is a place where you can bring it all to the table - your problems and your solutions, sharing the wealth and learning from people who have been there.


Welcome to the movement!

As Soloists, we have always worked around each other - in coffee shops and co-working spaces, home offices, gyms, and studios. The difference at the Soloist Collective is that here we work together, sharing client referrals, advice, experience and support.

When you join your neighborhood chapter, you meet your new team of connections, supporters, and friends.

Soloists make up 35% of the workforce and face a unique set of challenges. If we tackle them together, we'll help the careers of all Soloist.

We can shape the future of work, one neighborhood at a time.


It's free!

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