Independent, not alone.
Soloists are the next generation
of skilled independent professionals working on our own terms, serving clients by doing what we love.
The Soloist Collective is a community
committed to helping each other pursue successful solo careers.
Together, we're a movement
With grassroots chapters in neighborhoods across the country, Soloist Collective chapter leaders are building a movement from the ground up, person to person, community by community-- because a better future of work is on all Soloists.
Lead the movement.
Chicago Soloists need you.
Join the network of Soloists stepping up to build a better future of work in their area.
It all starts with a simple phone call.
I'm Interested
All Soloists can lead.
We can help.
Whether you're interested in taking on a formal leadership role, or simply want to bring the Soloist Collective to your neighborhood, we'll provide the support, training, and guidance you'll need to achieve your goals and make an impact.
As a leader, you're not only helping your fellow Soloists but also contributing to Chicago's legacy of community building.
Chicago Soloists: Let's grow together.
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