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As a Soloist who values relationships, you know there's nothing like meeting face-to-face. Your fellow Soloists are already meeting- join them! Chapters are based on location and meet monthly. Everyone's an expert in something. Lend your expertise to other Soloists, lean on them and learn from them, and together you can thrive.


Is the Soloist Collective for me?

Do you work for yourself? Or do you have a dream of one day going solo and doing what you love? Then you're a Soloist! A Soloist is anyone who works for themselves, building a career and defining success on their own terms.

Why join my neighborhood chapter?

There is nothing like meeting face-to-face. When you meet your fellow Soloists, you can exchange tips and best practices, celebrate each other's successes and learn from each other's mistakes (we all make them sometimes!). Meeting in person will help you to build your referral network so that next time one of your chapters members is asked for a referral in your field, you are the first person they think of!

Who can I expect to meet at a chapter meeting?

Chapter meetings bring together Soloists of every stripe- you'll meet musicians, fitness professionals, photographers, chefs, lawyers, career and life coaches, real estate agents, interior designers and more. The Soloist Collective is a place to meet other professionals like yourself who work in different fields but share the same drive to make a career out of their passion and expertise.

How long is a typical meeting?

Chapter meetings are about an hour and a half. We leave time for mingling, introductions, and a presentation by a Soloist. Some topics that we've covered so far: how to buy social media ads for your business, newsletter writing, and how to create videos for your Soloist business. Members may also decide to form Mastermind small groups, meet for social gatherings, or get together in any other way that's useful for them.

Can I present at my chapter meeting?

Members nominate one another as presenters. Once you join your chapter, suggest your presentation during member introductions. Sharing expertise is what the Soloist Collective is all about!